Ten Tech Gift That Can’t Miss

Charlie Fink
3 min readDec 18, 2022

I’m like a deer in the headlights. I never know what to get them. Then it starts to be late. Choices dwindle. So this year, I made a list and checked it thrice.

(1) Quest 2 VR I’d put the Quest 2 VR (virtual reality) headset in my #1 position, even if VR wasn’t my beat. Being inside the game or the movie is one of the most thrilling entertainment experiences you can have. And I love how portable it is. The device itself starts at $400. If you’ve got a Quest lover on your list, you can buy them games and other VR experiences for as little as $10.

(2) Nintendo Switch OLED. I’ve always wanted a Nintendo Switch but am afraid to spare the time. Everyone loves it. Hint, hint, family. Prices start at $350. The five year old Switch has nearly 5,000 titles in its app store.

(3) PS5 is now widely available. After being victim to supply chain disruptions, this Christmas the high powered $500 Sony Playstation 5 game console is finally here.

(4) Audio Smartglasses Nothing looks as good as $300 Ray Ban Stories or sounds as good as $125 Bose Frames. You can’t go wrong with this gift.

(5) Airpods and Earbuds. Bluetooth earbuds start around $5 on Amazon AMZN . Earfun AirPro2, recommended by Cnet is $50. Apple AirPod Pro is $230.

(6) Digital picture frames continue to come down in price. You can stream images from your smartphone, share your favorite NFT, or pictures of your favorite art. A 27” frame is under $500. You can get a 5” frame that bluetooths to your smartphone for $50.

(7) Smartwatch. There are an infinite number of choices at all price points. From exclusive Apple watches that cost thousands of dollars, to the budget minded. Also in this category are fitness trackers.

(8) iPad Mini. The small ones like iPad9 ($349) and iPad10 ($450) remain among the best buys for a second screen. For when the phone is not quite big enough, but the laptop is to much. Samsung Galaxy Tag is half the price at $150.

(9) Bluetooth Speakers. Wireless speakers have been waiting to happen for decades and now they’re finally small, cheap, and good.

(10) Digital Notebooks. These not-quite-iPads have hit the market hard this year, led by venerable notebook artisan Moleskine. You write, you sketch, they digitize. It’s like having one of the best features of a high end iPad for less than $250.

This story originally appeared on Forbes.com on December 13, 2022.



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