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Red Shirt Pony Tail Guy and the Pelican

How does Jukin Video find this stuff?

Just like a pelican. First they ask for help, then when they’re done with you, off they fly.

The best content leaves you making more content, extending the story, and the lives of the characters, in your head. At the end of a movie, or a great novel, you want it to go on. You make it go on in your head for days after you finish it.

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One of the most iconic shots in all cinema: John Ford’s “The Searchers”. When John Wayne walks away from civilization we wonder where he went.

This simple act of pelican kindness, and quickness, is no novel, but in the same ways it suggested a couple of longer, more complete stories to me about red shirt pony tail guy and the pelican. Here goes.

Five years later a huge wave blows red shirt pony tail guy off his boat. The only way he survives is through the efforts of his old friend… the pelican! And his hilarious family!

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My latest post on Medium is really cracking them up.

Wait, this is actually better… ready? The pelican’s just flown free and he’s flying around now. But he doesn’t understand red shirt pony tail guy saved him, all he knows is the guy grabbed his leg, and held him down, so he starts dive bombing the guy, who takes blow after blow, he doesn’t want to defend himself, because he might hurt the bird, but he finally has to. He pulls out his gun, and at the very last second he’s forced to slay the creature he saved… to save himself. Music sting. Irony. Sadness. The end.

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After this, you can’t blame them for wanting to take out a couple of people.

Now, in all seriousness, what’s really going on here? I’m embellishing micro-content. That little video is no movie, no novel, no. It’s simply a trigger. I’m the one making the entertainment. I am making the product. In the case of this post, and everything I do with interactive media, I do all this for free.

Of course, I’m saying nothing new. The dirty secret of early AOL, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and, ta da, Medium, is that their product is user created content, generated for free by their members and consumed by other members.

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They provide the platform, we provide the content. Note the Amazon ad in the right rail, tailored just for me, based on my activity on Facebook.

What is Medium’s game? When do they start to monetize their writers? What’s the story here? And in the name of endless egotism, why am I helping them? For helping me?

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AR/VR Consultant, Columnist, Author of the AR-enabled books “Metaverse, A Guide to VR & AR” (2018) & “Convergence” (2019).

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