I think the perspective of a developer is especially valuable at this moment, since you’re the guys who are supposed to build the amazing things AR now enables. Look at what GPS did for mobile. Empires like Uber were built. I agree we on the upslope of a hype cycle, but at the tiniest sliver of the beginning. The gold rush has yet to begin. We’re living in an echo chamber of very few people. And most of them are going to AWE ;) That’s a small number for full blown “hype cycle”. Look at the size of the current rounds, 3M, 7M, 7M and 9M. Blippar CV has raised over 100M in 2015 (?). Dropbox raised billions before it went public. We’re not exactly in bubble territory, Mike. There are a lot of start ups. Some will succeed. Some will consolidate. Everyone will pivot. Finally, let’s keep our eyes on the prize: better mobile computing. Persistent geolocation, the key feature of the AR Cloud, has already started seeping into Google Maps. How long before Facebook and Snapchat implement geolocation, merging it with the social graph? The world is about to be painted with data.

AR/VR Consultant, Columnist, Author of the AR-enabled books “Metaverse, A Guide to VR & AR” (2018) & “Convergence” (2019). http://forbes.com/sites/charliefink

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