The hybrid Tribeca immersive Festival runs June 9–20 in the physical world (at 50 Varick St.), the virtual world (in the VR Museum of Other Realities), and on smartphones. TRIBECA

The title is a bit of a misnomer because the most awesome thing about the awesome list is The Tribeca Film Festival itself, which highlights the XR media as part of its twenty-year mission to bring together visionaries across media to celebrate the power of storytelling. This is our fifth year of highlighting some of the outstanding offerings curated by the interactive programming team, led by Loren Hammonds.

Mursion (a foreshortened form of Immersion) is used as an immersive VR training and development tool that enables executives, health care professionals, classroom teachers, and customer service representatives to practice interpersonal skills with a wide range of personalities. It uses human simulation specialists who, as avatars, work with participants in diverse training scenarios using AI to create a whole cast of virtual characters a specialist can use in the simulations. …

Cross-platform virtual collaboration platform Spatial today announced the beta launch of its new Webgl feature, which means no more apps to download, and one-click invitations, just like Zoom. “Webgl is deeper programming language than WebVR, which sort of sits on top of it,” explained co-founder and CPO Jinha Le. “This enabling you to build 3D experiences in the browser.”

Spatial, which was launched on stage by Alex Kipman with the HoloLens 2 at Mobile World Congress in 2019, has spent the past eighteen months adding more ways to collaborate across devices. The company just added Steam PC VR users to…

Lightform, the San-Francisco projection mapping company, today introduced Project LFX, a platform for steerable projected interfaces for the home. LFX has three different devices, each capable of turning any surface into a screen. The company demonstrated three different designs: a ceiling-mounted light fixture and two table-top lamps. Each device contains a projector for display, cameras for 3D scanning and people tracking, and a combination of mirrors and motors to steer around the space. Users interact with the projections using voice or with a small handheld controller they call a wand.

LFX Ceiling 3D printed prototype. Lightform

“With steerable projection, we can summon a computer onto any…

The hardware components of the Campfire 3D design system are the HMD, the tabletop cons and the pack, which clips onto a smartphone. CAMPFIRE

Campfire emerged from Stealth today to introduce its new eponymous AR and VR headset, which features a 92-degree field of view. They are targeting 3D design and engineering professionals. The PC-tethered headset is around 500 grams, pleasingly distributed with a nylon body and head strap. A tabletop accessory called a “console” acts like a holographic projector that can be shared by any number of simultaneous users in remote locations. The clarity is equal to that of expensive, high-end industrial HMDS from Varjo and Xtal. You can lean into a car model and see the writing on the tiny dials.

Adventure Lab’s Dr. Crumb’s School for Disobedient Pets is a thrilling and original VR mashup of escape rooms, improv theater, games, and cartoons. The show is driven by a larger-than-life voice performer running a very interactive show from behind several avatars. I was in the role of Fancy Feast, a cartoon cat. My friends chose a husky and a rabbit. We looked like the cast of a Hanna-Barbera 60s cartoon. We ran, we laughed, sweated, and puzzled our way through Dr. C’s traps. Like all great entertainment, it appears completely effortless. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Poster for Adventure Lab’s premiere VR adventure, a mash-up of games, cartoons, and interactive theater. ADVENTURE LAB

Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) takes the wraps off pioneering work on the AI and haptics needed for all day everyday wearable AR glasses. To have a practical use, a number of technologies would need to converge in the device: 5G, AI, an advanced optics system, a new kind of operating system and user interface for this wearable computer. FRL has neither a deadline nor a product launch date. They are on the cutting edge of exploration of what’s really possible. Like University researchers, they are publishing their findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals, not keeping them a secret. …

Morehouse College is teaching three classes in VR using the Victory XR platform (based on Engage), with support from Qualcomm, which provided an Oculus Quest 2 to students. The Quest utilizes Qualcomm’s XR2 chip set, as does every other mobile VR headset with the exception of Magic Leap (for now). Using this headset, remote students meet on a virtual Morehouse campus to attend their virtual classes.

VictoryXR has created over 240 VR & AR experiences covering over fifty different learning units such as anatomy, molecular biology, astronomy, paleontology, ancient history, and rooms for other immersive learning. …

Qualcomm Technologies introduced its new head-mounted see-through augmented reality (AR) glasses reference design for “smart viewers,” to reduce the size of the headset while increasing the power. As opposed to smart glasses, the smart viewer offloads some of its processing to a tethered device such as an Android smartphone, Windows PC or processing puck, which reduces power by 30%. The reference design is engineered to reduce commercialization time for Qualcomm hardware partners.

Smart Viewer reference design. Qualcomm

Qualcomm provides the Snapdragon XR chips and processing hardware for every XR device except for the Magic Leap One. This includes Microsoft’s see-through AR Hololens, which is focused…

Librestream secures strategic investments from Honeywell & Evergy to advance the augmented reality industry for the remote and industrial workforce. The strategic investments allow these companies to work more closely together to deploy AR applications across industries in the process of digital transformation. The strategic investments follow Librestream’s raise of 25M in venture investment in the fall of 2020. The company has announced partnerships with Fortune 500 companies such as Siemens Energy, Volvo Group, Renault Trucks, and Rolls-Royce.

Honeywell plans to expand its current partnership with Librestream while Evergy Ventures begins exploring new applications of the AR technology with…

Charlie Fink

AR/VR Consultant, Columnist, Author of the AR-enabled books “Metaverse, A Guide to VR & AR” (2018) & “Convergence” (2019).

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